We are a small inn and a restaurant standing quietly and our inn is surrounded the deep green mountains and Maze river which is famous for sweet fish.

Our ex-principle started this inn as a fishing lodge so this inn is made as a simple structures and is made as an old Japanese style.
We might make our valuable customers inconvenience due to this style, but we will treat you as making all food with our best with using the seasoned and organic vegetable, rice (Koshihikari), river fish (such as Sweetfish, Amago, Iwana and so on), and Hida beef.

Since this inn is our family business, so please make yourself at your home when you visit here.

We look forward to seeing you here from our heart.

To the customers from overseas

This is a small inn and restaurant located in country side.
There are only Japanese speaker staff available so we cannot arrange to you in English speaking.
Please make a reservation over the telephone in Japanese.
Also we cannot accept the credit cards.
Thank you so much for your cooperation.

An announcement of charges


1 night with 2 meals 13,000yen
1 night without meals 4,500yen

(basic price / per a person)

We will prepare the meal with using the Maze local fresh and nature food from all our heart.

Fishing Sweetfish (Season limited)

1 night with 2 meals 9,500yen

(basic price / per a person)

Lifting day of Sweetfish : until the middle of September
There are artificial baits and fishing tickets available.


Japanese traditional course “Kaiseki” 5,000yen~
Auspicious event and Buddhist memorial servic 6,000yen~

(basic price / per a person)

Japanese traditional course “Kaiseki” 6,000yen~
Banquet 6,000yen~
Sweetfish course 8,000yen~(market price)

(basic price / per a person)

  • We will arrange the special caution for kids meal and for alleges.
  • Please refrain brining the drinks from outside during the meal.
  • Showing price above are per person without tax. We might change the price without the notice so please kindly check the latest price as you make the reservation.
  • We will charge you the season fee 1,000 yen (excluding tax) for GW vacation season, Obon vacation season, and fireworks festival season so please kindly cooperate those season charges.
  • We can accept PayPay but cannot accept credit cards. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Cancellation Policy

Same day cancellation: 100% of the room charge
Previous day cancellation: 50% of the room charge

  • Regarding the change of your reservation, please contact us by the day before the reservation.
  • As a general rule, we accept your booking on the phone. Please note that we cannot accept your booking via e-mail.

About our facilities

  • Restrooms and a Japanese style bathroom are in public. We also have western style of bathroom with shower available.
  • There are only one bathroom in whole facility so we ask you to use it per a same room members or by males and by females in the certain time. We might make you wait to use it so please kindly cooperate for this time being.
  • There are shampoo,conditioner,body soap, and dryer available.
  • We prepare towels, bath towels, Yukata(Japanese night wear), and toothbrushes as amenities.
  • The stairs for the guest rooms in 2nd floor are very steep. We don’t have an elevator so we are sorry for such an inconvenience caused to you.
  • We prepare Yukata (Tanzen for winter season) as a sleeping clothes.
  • There is no refrigerator in the guest room but we can keep the things in our refrigerator so please feel free to ask us if you have something keeping cool.